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National recognition for the ILIAD project as it becomes a SIRIC - site for integrated cancer research

ILIAD (Imaging and Longitudinal Investigations to Ameliorate Decision-making in multiple myeloma and breast cancer) is a regional consortium led by Irecan - a health cooperation grouping - which brings together Nantes University Hospital, Institut de Cancérologie and Angers University Hospital. Its partners are INSERM, the Arronax cyclotron, Centrale Nantes, the universities of Nantes and Angers and Atlanpole.
The ILIAD project aims to develop a new approach to get answers to the key questions about the resistance of cancer cells to treatment, and tumor heterogeneity.
A better understanding of tumour development and its environment at all stages in the patient's treatment will help combat therapeutic failure for multiple myeloma and breast cancer.

SIRIC ILIAD is one of eight new projects selected by an international certification panel organized by the National Cancer Institute. This certification highlights the quality of cancer research in Pays de la Loire.
Published on January 23, 2020 Updated on November 23, 2020