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Equipe@Meso: spreading the use of supercomputing and artificial intelligence

At the end of 2018, the High Performance Computing Institute joined the Equip@meso project (Equipex 2010), coordinated by GENCI (Grand Equipement National de Calcul Intensitif).
With a budget of €10.5 M over 10 years, this project has three objectives:
  • to increase high-performance computing resources in regional computing centres, mainly in universities;
  • to offer high-quality local service to users of high performance computing (training, computing), that is complementary to national resources;
  • to relay the SiMSEO Initiative locally. SiMSEO is a national programme to support SMEs and mid-sizes in the use of digital simulation.
Scientific and economic competitiveness depends on taking on the challenges linked to digital simulation through high performance computing and artificial intelligence. Only timid use of these resources is made in some scientific fields and industrial sectors. Equip@Meso contributes to structuring the landscape of high performance computing, and more recently, of artificial intelligence, in France.

In joining Equip@Meso the High Performance Computing Institute became the leading high performance computing centre in the Pays de la Loire Region, ideally placed to meet the needs of its scientific communities.
Published on February 7, 2020 Updated on November 24, 2020