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ISPHY - New research chair with Renault and Siemens

Centrale Nantes, Renault and LMS, A Siemens Business, set up a joint international industrial chair in 2013 to explore new technologies for combustion engines. The ISPHY chair marks the renewal of this cooperation for 5 years, until 2023.
The research carried out within the Chair will consist in advancing knowledge in the field of system modelling for the control and development of Renault internal combustion engines.

RENAULT specializes in the design and construction of automobiles and has recognized expertise and know-how in 0D system modeling for the control and development of internal combustion engines.

SIEMENS has recognized expertise and know-how in multi-physical system modelling and its applications, for the design of automotive systems (fuel systems, transmission, engine, chassis, etc.) and complete vehicles. With regard to engine modelling in particular, SIEMENS has developed expertise relating to heat engines, air loop modeling and the industrialization of 0D system models for the design of internal combustion engines and their control systems.

Centrale Nantes has expertise in engine testing and the creation of 0D system models for internal combustion engines and hybrid systems.

In order to boost, in a mutually beneficial way, the efficiency of their respective innovation efforts in 0D system modelling of internal combustion engines, the partners decided to set up the ISPHY industrial chair.
Published on January 28, 2020 Updated on November 24, 2020