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Connect Talent Project MILCOM “Multimodal Imaging and Learning for COmputational Medicine” kicks-off

The Pays de la Loire Connect Talent call for projects attracts renowned scientists to the region. Among them Diana Mateus, who joined the Laboratory of Digital Sciences of Nantes (LS2N) to conduct her MILCOM research project with a multidisciplinary team of about ten people.
The MILCOM project combines data sciences and health, and focuses on the application of machine learning to the analysis of multimodal medical images for the validation and discovery of biomarkers in oncology. Ultimately, Diana Mateus' work should help oncologists diagnose cancers and offer personalized treatment to patients suffering from diseases such as multiple myeloma.

Diana Mateus holds a PhD from INRIA and the University of Grenoble. Prior to Centrale Nantes, she spent eight years in the Computer Science Department at TUM (Technishe Universität München). She is a recipient of the Laura Bassi - Outstanding in science - award.
Published on January 23, 2020 Updated on November 23, 2020