Vision and Values

Training curious, responsible and open-minded engineers

Centrale Nantes has a dual vocation:
  • A vocation to teach, by creating and disseminating advanced scientific and technological knowledge, with programmes open to the diversity of knowledge and with an international outlook.
  • A vocation to contribute to economic development. The school aims to support companies in the field of innovation.

Three main differentiating axes of theoretical and applicative investigation and training:

  • energy transition
  • manufacturing
  • engineering for health

Our values

In a progressive environment, where the professions of tomorrow will rely on knowledge that deos not exist today, Centrale Nantes strives to share with its students, teachers, researchers, staff and all our partners, three fundamental values:
  • Openness
    • to differences in culture and thus international connection
    • to social, physical or cultural differences, and thus encountering diverse aspects of the world we live in
    • to new scientific and technical challenges which, whatever their forms, impart the desire to move forward in an uncertain universe.
  • Ethics - Beyond a necessary contribution to the creation of the wealth of a structure, engineers as well as teachers and researchers have the moral duty to be responsible actors for the future of the planet, for social equilibrium through job creation, for the professional well-being of their employees, and to participate in the responsible edification of the city, its social as well as entrepreneurial fabric.
  • Courage
    • to speak out and make oneself heard,
    • to initiate and undertake
    • to be oneself, that is to say to build one's career path with regard to one's aspirations, without regard to the views of others or current trends.
Published on January 23, 2020 Updated on July 28, 2021