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Centrale Nantes opens a new degree apprenticeship programme in communicating embedded systems

Centrale Nantes, in partnership with ITII Pays de la Loire, is opening a programme for engineers specialising in communicating embedded systems in order to respond to new demand in the job market.

on February 3, 2020

Over 210 students at Centrale Nantes, out of a student body of 2,500, are currently undertaking a degree apprenticeship. This number is set to increase at the start of the next academic year, with the opening of a programme in embedded systems, which is proposed only in the form of a work-study programme.

Students on this programme will be trained to use high-level software skills to develop embedded applications and embedded electronic systems in different industrial contexts. They will also be prepared to take account of the economic, organisational and human aspects in their future projects.

Career prospects for future graduates include positions as testing and validation engineers, system integrators, process managers, etc.
This three-year programme accredited by the Commission des titres d'ingénieur (CTI), is the fourth work-study programme on offer at Centrale Nantes. Students holding a two-year post secondary qualification (DUT or BTS) are eligible to apply for three degree apprenticeships programmes in partnership with ITII Pays de la Loire. Engineering programme students can also opt for a degree apprenticeship.

For these programmes, ITII Pays de la Loire liaises between Centrale Nantes, companies and the students to ensure that the apprenticeship system is respected by all.

Apprenticeship, a recognized path of excellence to enter the world of work, is today possible up to the age of 30 and apprentices are actively sought after by industrial and service companies.
Published on October 14, 2021 Updated on October 14, 2021