6th intake for the Executive Education Web Developer programme

The Web Developer programme is a high value-added training course offered by Centrale Nantes in conjunction with Pôle Emploi (Employment Centre) preparing participants to take up a position in web development.

on November 19, 2019

On 21 November 2019, the 6th intake of web development trainees joined Centrale Nantes for a programme run with Pôle emploi in partnership with the Fafiec and designed for job seekers.

For each intake, between 10 and 14 trainees have followed the web developer course, which was designed by Centrale Nantes and Pôle emploi to tackle the shortage of suitable candidates on the market in the region. Since 2016, 65 job seekers have been trained at Centrale Nantes, with an employment rate of over 90%.

The training programme was created specifically to meet the skills needs of digital companies. To this end, partner companies participate in developing the content of the courses on offer. They are also committed to recruiting jobseekers on long-term fixed-term contracts or permanent contracts, by participating in the selection of candidates before they start the course.

Caroline Jousset, regional recruitment officer for the digital sector at Pôle Emploi:

The digital sector is experiencing such a shortage in France that companies are having to train individuals from atypical or different backgrounds who, nevertheless, meet their criteria in terms of softskills, for example. What we evaluate in potential candidates is their ability to train for the job and the gap between the skills held by candidates and those sought by companies.

At the end of their 12-week training course, supplemented by 21 hours of in-company experience, the trainees are "able to develop web interfaces adapted to customer needs, using front-end and back-end technologies". They also acquire skills in digital project management and develop their interpersonal skills (presentation, self-confidence) under the guidance of management and communication experts.

The partnership is open to all digital companies with recruitment needs. Apside and Capgemini, partners of the 4th and 5th sessions courses, have already recruited 11 people each in the last 2 years. For the 6th Web Developer session, they are renewing their participation alongside Intellia.

Lilia Ben Henia, Quality Consultant at Capgemini: I started the Web developer training programme at Centrale Nantes in January 2017 following an initial self-training process and discussions with digital professionals, a process which confirmed my career plans. The web developer course proved to be a real professional springboard. I particularly remember the modules in communication and professional integration which improved my collaboration skills, as well as the opportunities to meet with people working in the digital sector which led to my post at Capgemini. I have now been working for a year and a half as a quality consultant at Capgemini, working on motivating projects and enjoying working with people who share my values.

Lucie Legrand, Project Manager at Apside: A career change is not always an easy move to make. The Web Developer course I took at Centrale Nantes from November 2017 to February 2018 was much more than a professional experience. In addition to acquiring technical skills and discovering the different digital professions, this course gave me confidence in myself and was a great human experience. I remember the quality of the courses, the speakers' expertise, as well as the support and the benevolence of the different people involved. With all these ingredients, these 3 months could only lead to something positive. Thank you.
Published on March 12, 2021 Updated on March 12, 2021