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Thales PhD Prize 2018 awarded to Yann Briheche, Centrale Nantes PhD graduate

Yann Briheche, a PhD graduate from Centrale Nantes and LS2N, received the Thales PhD Prize 2018 on 29th November for his thesis on "Optimization of search patterns for fixed-panel tridimensional scanning radars".

on November 29, 2018

This PhD Prize was awarded to three PhD students out of the 60 who defended their PhD in a Thales laboratory. From a shortlist of 14 candidates, three were selected by the Selection Committee, including Yann Briheche.

Supervised by Fouad Bennis (Centrale Nantes), Damien Chablat (LS2N) and by Frédéric Barbaresco (Thales Land & Air Systems), Yann Briheche's thesis focused on the study and development of algorithms for the optimization of search patterns for fixed-panel tridimensional scanning radars, based on combinatorial optimization.

His research work is currently being industrialized in the form of new aided-design tools for BL "Surface Radar" multifunction radars, which will also improve the prototyping and design of new radar projects, and ultimately develop agile and intelligent radars which can adapt dynamically to the operational context.

Yann Briheche is currently working for the Decision and Optimization Laboratory at Thales Research & Technology.

Yann Briheche receives the Thales PhD Prize 2018 from Marko Erman, Technical Director, Thales.
Published on January 21, 2019 Updated on November 24, 2020