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i-Nov innovation competition - another win for AKRYVIA, start-up in the Centrale Nantes Audencia ensa incubator

AKRYVIA, a Deep Tech start-up in the Pays de la Loire Region is delighted to announce its award in the French Fab category in the third round of the i-Nov innovation competition.

on January 16, 2020

AKRYVIA has signed the associated €875k support contract with Bpifrance for the PICUP project.

The PICUP project (Intensified Plasma for Ultra Precise Cutting) focusses on the development and industrial demonstration of a breakthrough process for cutting materials using patented plasma with a power density of up to 10 billion W/m².

We are honoured and proud to be winners in such a selective competition. Our long-term ambition is to be a world-class technological player, based in France, and to inject innovation into the sheet metal cutting machine tool industry, a high value-added and export-oriented market.- Frédéric Camy-Peyret, founder and CEO of AKRYVIA

AKRYVIA was also a winner in the i-Lab 2017 competition, a national competition supporting the creation of innovative technology companies.

AKRYVIA is supported by TOTAL Regional Development, Bpifrance, the Pays de la Loire Region, the Investments for the Future Programme (PIA), ATLANPOLE, AIRBUS développement, the Réseau Entreprendre Atlantique, and Centrale Nantes via the joint incubator with Audencia and ensa Nantes as well as a research partnership and a joint technical platform.

About i-Nov
The i-Nov call for projects is a support mechanism financed by the Investment for the Future Programme (PIA), which aims to support innovation projects with particularly strong potential for the French economy.
Published on January 16, 2020 Updated on September 30, 2021