Grand Challenge MPM-1000: Adaptation of massively parallel anisotropic mesh applied to complex structures

The High Performance Computing Institute took part in the 'Grands Challenges', organised by GENCI to coincide with the arrival of the new supercomputer, with a power of 6.86 Pflop/s, at the TGCC (Très Grand Centre de Calcul).
Maillage d'un matériau composite
Maillage d'un matériau composite

The main objective of this campaign was to measure the capacity of Ici-Tech - a software suite for scientific computing developed at the High Performance Computing Institute - to take full advantage of the computing resources of this petaflop machine. Extensive tests on the behaviour of materials confirmed that the software developed could run at a speed close to the theoretical maximum speed of computers.

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Published on February 7, 2020 Updated on November 24, 2020