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TEDx replay: Centrale Nantes professor Ioannis Stefanou

Ioannis Stefanou, Professor and researcher at Centrale Nantes, took to the stage at TEDxRennes presenting his answer to the question: "Is it possible to control and prevent an earthquake, and if so, how?"

on November 13, 2020

"Maitriser les séismes... pourquoi pas?" sur la scène de TEDxRennes
On 19 September, eight speakers took to the TEDxRennes stage to deliver their messages. Among them was Ioannis Stefanou, professor and researcher at Centrale Nantes. In twelve minutes, Ioannis outlined some of the research he and his team are conducting on the mechanics of geomaterials to explain how it might one day be possible to control earthquakes and thereby limit their devastating effects.
  After a PhD at the National Technical University of Athens and 8 years as Senior Research Associate at the Navier laboratory, Ioannis Stefanou joined Centrale Nantes in 2019. He is a recipient of both a European Research Council Starting Grant and the Connect Talent Award 2018.
Published on November 13, 2020 Updated on September 30, 2021