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Ginevra Rubino receives the "Fall 2020 NATO AVT Young Contributor Award"

The LHEEA is pleased to announce that the "NATO Applied Vehicle Technology (AVT) Panel Awards Committee" has awarded Ms. Ginevra Rubino with the "Fall 2020 NATO AVT Young Contributor Award" for her overall research work on NATO AVT collaborative research projects.

on June 19, 2020

This prize highlights the remarkable work carried out by Ginevra during his Master's degree on the simulation of lift-off flows around incident hulls (Research Technical Group AVT-253 "Assessment of Prediction Methods for Large Amplitude Dynamic Maneuvers for Naval Vehicles", Research Symposium on Separated Flow AVT-307) as well as her research in the framework of her PhD thesis devoted to the modeling of the laminar-to-turbulent transition around complex geometries (Research Technical Group AVT-313 "Incompressible Laminar-to-Turbulent Transition Study") which she is currently pursuing. Ginevra is employed by the CNRS, indeed the LHEEA is a joint research unit with Centrale Nantes.


Ginevra, tells us about her research :

In the context of the NATO-AVT collaborations, I work actively within two research groups, which gather researchers from different NATO countries. A first  project AVT-313  "Incompressible Laminar-to-Turbulent Transition Study" is dedicated to the understanding and developing of new approaches for the modelisation of laminar-to-turbulent flow transition for incompressible flows at high Reynolds number around complex geometry. The great interest of this topic raises from the wide range of practical applications in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics for which transition is significant, as laminar airfoil, submarines drones, ...

A second project AVT-253  "Assessment of Prediction Methods for Large Amplitude Dynamic Maneuvers for Naval Vehicles" is devoted to the illustration of the role of turbulence modelling for separated flows around ship hull at high drift angles. Thanks to extremely detailed measurements in the core of the main vortices,  provided by IIHR (Iowa City, USA), we were able to perform a thorough validation study comparing isotropic and anisotropic statistical closures (RANS) and unsteady RANS-LES hybrid models and to assess deficiencies and strengths of the turbulence models for open vortical separated flows, whose physics is still not well understood.

This prize should have been awarded at the Autumn 2020 session in Båstad, Sweden, but it was cancelled due to CoVid-19.

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Published on June 19, 2020 Updated on September 30, 2021