First intake for the Advanced Master (Mastère Spécialisé®) Key Player in Energy Transition (APTE)

2019 sees the first intake of the new APTE (Mastère spécialisé ®) for future key players in energy transition, a programme offered jointly by Centrale Nantes and Audencia.

on September 1, 2019

Floatgen, première éolienne française offshore
Floatgen, première éolienne française offshore
The brand new APTE Advanced Master (Mastère spécialisé ® ) is designed for individuals looking to develop the technical and managerial skills needed to implement a successful energy transition project or strategy. The programme is run jointly by Centrale Nantes and Audencia, with the participation of ensa Nantes School of Architecture and and the École de Design. It is open to holders of a Master's degree (2-year Master's degree or 1-year plus 3 years professional experience).

The aim of this hybrid programme is to provide the keys required to implement and anticipate technological developments and to seize opportunities while adopting energy transition business models. The programme enables participants to meet the needs of a multitude of industrial sectors and to identify the technical and economic solutions to foster responsible development.

* What is an Advanced Master's - Mastère spécialisé®?
An Advanced Master's (Mastère spécialisé®) allows you to acquire in-depth knowledge in a specific field of activity or competence. It is designed for professional purposes, and relies on close ties with industry. The Advanced Master (Mastère spécialisé®) label is awarded to specific programmes organized by a member school of the Conference of the Grandes Ecoles - CGE, following a very rigorous accreditation procedure, which guarantees its excellence in terms of visibility and duration.
Published on March 11, 2021 Updated on March 12, 2021